423 Barnard Street, Savannah GA 31401

(914) 552-1420

On Chatham Square in the Historic District of Savannah


Row of houses built in 1853 by Thomas Kine, Esq.

Now Available for rent

Town Home


Upper two floors of 423 Barnard Street with generous  master suite on top floor overlooking Chatham Square. $2100  More about this home

Garden Apartment


Garden level of 423 Barnard Street.  One bedroom, beautiful kitchen and bath and lovely details. $1700  More about this apartment

Whole Townhouse


All three levels of 423 Barnard Street now available consisting of upper two floors with one bedroom and bath and another bedroom and bath at garden level. $3400


"This review is based on my personal living experience in 423 Barnard  Street.  I lived in the two top floors of 423 Barnard Street for four  months, however due to a job relocation I could no longer stay in  Savannah.  Living in this property  has been a fantastic experience.  Arthur Scinta, the property owner,  has been an attentive and personable landlord during my time here.  The  apartment has beautiful hardwood floors and architectural elements  original to Savannah.  There is a parking spot and  back deck which are both difficult to find in downtown, Savannah.  The  square is very SAFE as SCAD’s Pepe building is conveniently adjacent and  offers 24/7 security.  Additionally, all utilities are included, making  this an extremely affordable apartment to  live in.  I have been renting apartments and homes for the past 10  years; my time in 423 Barnard has easily been one of the best living  experiences yet."

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Kine House

423 Barnard Street, Savannah, Georgia 31401

(914) 552-1420